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  Street Art and anonymity. Between the public, social networks and attempts to challenge the system, di Antongiulio Vergine, 22 December 2023 METADATI
  Dal nome al volto: trasformazioni e nuovi equilibri nell’architettura delle chiese fra IX e XI secolo, di Ruggero Ragonese, September 2004 METADATI
  Quale Pedrera? Ambiguità e ambivalenze di uno spazio, di Elisa Soncini, September 2004 METADATI
  Roma Termini e Milano Centrale: analisi semiotica del testo spaziale, di Anna Milena Vinci, September 2004 METADATI
  Cosmogonia e cosmologia nel progetto dello spazio di una città, di Alexandra Volegova, September 2004 METADATI
  Verso una semiotica del paesaggio, di Amedeo Trezza, August 2008 METADATI
  Introduction, di Federico Montanari, August 2012 METADATI
  Security Policies and Forms of Control. A semiotic perspective, di Pierluigi Cervelli, August 2012 METADATI
  The Places of Marghera. Field notes for urban geology, di Giorgio Coratelli, August 2012 METADATI
  Urban Practices between Politics and Architecture. Semiotic analysis of Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montréal, di Eleonora Diamanti, August 2012 METADATI
  Architecture and Urban Planning, Prerequisites and Participation, di Valeria Scavone, August 2012 METADATI
  Give shape to the space of cohabitation, di Anna Lazzarini, August 2012 METADATI
  Architecture of sport. From the commemoration of sport to commercial marketing, di François Emmanuel Vigneau, August 2012 METADATI
  Remains that render texts: the role of memory in a possible risemantization of places, di Amedeo Trezza, August 2012 METADATI
  The Stucco Flower, di Stefano Carlucci, August 2012 METADATI
  Afterword, di Ruggero Ragonese, August 2012 METADATI
  Monument et espace urbain. Pour une Sémiotique des parcours et des structures de la ville, di Ruggero Ragonese, November 2012 METADATI
  Form follows fiction. Architecture between movie make-believe and tourist practice, di Federico Boni, December 2013 METADATI
  The gaze and what it looks at. Interpreting, exploring and recognising the signs of the world, di Elena Granata, December 2013 METADATI
  City or event? How to represent and build cities through festivals and great events, di Elena Lorenzetto, December 2013 METADATI
  Mapping Cities: the Bologna Self-Mapping Project, di Federico Montanari e Luca Frattura, December 2013 METADATI
  The many faces of a “slum area”. The case of Brescia's Carmine district, di Sara Saleri, December 2013 METADATI
  Walking along the streets of Londropolis with Shakespeare, Woolf and Jack the Ripper, di Gino Scatasta, December 2013 METADATI
  Introduction. Visible Cities, di Ruggero Ragonese, December 2013 METADATI
  Identity beyond illusion. Palestine, land of architecture and power, where losing oneself may mean discovering sense and identity, di Virginia Fiume, June 2014 METADATI

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