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September 2023  |  in italian  |   METADATA  |  ➞ PDF
This article focuses on a few recent publications, all of them devoted to a new semiotic intepretation of Pasolini’s theoretical works on cinema. It provides a short summary of the ancient debate between Pasolini and semioticians, then offering an overview of those recent publicati |... ⇲

February 2023  |  in english  |   METADATA  |  ➞ PDF
Modern forms of communication, such as audiovisual products, are widely used for representing different cultures and lands marking the passage from the purely written form to the multimodal one. Such representations become globally accessible thanks to translation that can represen |... ⇲

April 2022  |  in spanish  |   METADATA  |  ➞ PDF
The distance between us by Reyna Grande is a Latin-American Bildungsroman, which focuses on the linguistic issue stemming from the tension between a point of departure – Mexicanity – and the final destination - the interaction with the United States. This feminine memoir explores t |... ⇲

February 2022  |  in italian  |   METADATA  |  ➞ PDF
The article is a semiotic re-reading of chapters XXXI and XXXII of the Betrothed on the plague in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the first part I focus on the lexical and semantic aspects of the plague’s description, with comparative references to the Covid, in order to eval |... ⇲

December 2021  |  in italian  |   METADATA  |  ➞ PDF
A new social movement today challenges the commodification of contemporary society and carries out interventions on the ground aimed at eliminating the economic mechanisms of the market system and at creating systems of distribution of goods through the dynamics of “reciprocity”. W |... ⇲

May 2021  |  in italian  |   METADATA  |  ➞ PDF
In this paper we will analyse street art by focusing on the effects of meaning that this form of art produces in its relationship to urban elements and spaces and, conversely, how these enter significantly into artistic representation. In other words, the central theme will be the  |... ⇲

February 2021  |  in italian  |   METADATA  |  ➞ PDF
This essay proposes a review of short literary extracts that exemplify the background and figures of everyday stories in which things – while captured in their ordinary functional capacity – are loaded with multiple layers of meaning beyond use value and exchange value.The concerne |... ⇲

November 2020  |  in italian  |   METADATA  |  ➞ PDF
In a semiotic perspective, in dialogue with a science of images, J.W.T. Mitchell’s Image Science (2015) appears interesting not only for the theoretical contributions here collected but for the argumentative structure bringing them together, that the author himself does not hesitat |... ⇲

October 2020  |  in italian  |   METADATA  |  ➞ PDF
Never as in these months of global pandemic emergency there has been a real explo- sion of data, numbers, statistics and views in an attempt to make the invisible visible: the COVID-19 virus.This essay proposes to explore, with the tools of semiotics, the different communicati- ve  |... ⇲

editor Cinzia Bianchi   |  May 2023
editor Redazione Ocula   |  January 2021
editor Federico Montanari   |  April 2020
Last Review

De signis: sui fenomeni e sulle inferenze semiotiche

Pisa, Edizioni ETS, 2022, pp. 376, € 34,00
Perché parlare oggi di un testo come il De signis? La storia di una forma del sapere è il corpo di questa forma, e come ogni c |...➞
Salvatore Zingale

Salvatore Zingale

Davide Gasperi

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