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Special Issues | index

Ocula 25
Gender, genres and generations. A sociological analysis on changes of consumption styles in the globalised world: current scenarios and future perspectives

editors Piergiorgio Degli Esposti, Antonella Mascio and Geraldina Roberti | June 2021

Roberta Bartoletti

Piergiorgio Degli Esposti, Antonella Mascio and Geraldina Roberti
Gender, genres and generations. A sociological analysis

Francesca Bianchi, Alessandra Romano and Mario Giampaolo
Gender and technology: perspectives of meaning and preconceptions of future socio-pedagogical professional educators

Antonella Capalbi
The serial narrative as a discourse. Representations of gender identity in How I met your mother and New Girl.

Maria Chiara Caiazzo
Disruptive Tides. Feminist Counter-discourse as Resistance to Patriarchal Imagery in Gendered Media Representations

Antonia Cava
From Kinsey Report to Pornhub. Women’s Consumption of Pornography

Giovanni Ciofalo, Silvia Leonzi and Grazia Quercia
The Toon Gaze. The female representation in preschool cartoons

Luca Toschi and Eleonora Alecci
11 O’Clock TikTok. Cognitive independence, relationality and narcissism among Post-Millennials

Jillet Sarah Sam, Piergiorgio Degli Esposti and Brian Gomes
The elderly collaborative user in platform societies. A comparative study between India and Italy

Mario Tirino and Vincenzo Auriemma
Bazinga! Nerd consumption, generational identities and the mourning of the

Andrea Bernardelli
Religious Imagery in Tv Series. Genres and Generations of Viewers

Francesco Pelusi
Rendering complexity. The trans-gender subject in the drama serial “Un posto al sole”.

Marta Rocchi and Martina Anselmeti
The evolution of legal drama, gender stereotypes and the case of For the People (ABC 2018-2019)

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Documanità. Filosofia del mondo nuovo
Review of book, November 2021





Semiotica del Natale
Review of book, June 2021




Tra filosofia, semiotica e strutturalismo.
Review of book, February 2021

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