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Ocula 19 Vol. 19  |  October 2018  |  DOI: 10.12977/ocula2018-15  |  METADATA ➞ PDF  |  Booklet ➞ PDF |  < >
Gamification paths. Research and ludic discourse for the community

Contributors to this Issue: Martina Belluto, Gaspare Caliri, Paola Donatiello, Gabriele Ferri, Vincenzo Idone Cassone, Genèviéve Korte, Irene Litardi, Pierdomenico Memeo, Salvatore Miele, Loretta Secchi.
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Gamification paths. Research and ludic discourse for the community discusses the "game" as a facilitating factor within the dissemination context and socio-cultural commitment, for the enhancement of material, immaterial and scientific heritage.
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The aim of the conversation is to reflect on the game, considering its values, if adapted to educational and dissemination frameworks, practiced and experienced in learning environments. While examining and considering specific models or practices and techniques in which “game” is  |... ⇲
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In reviewing the interpretative methodologies applied to didactics directed to blind and partially sighted people at the Anteros Tactile Museum of Ancient and Modern Painting inside the F. Cavazza Institute for Blind one perceives the comparison between the cognitive-perceptive exp |... ⇲
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The gamification phenomenon has generated a complex debate over the years, characterized by divergent positions, several definitions and conflicting opinions. In particular, it seems to be no convergence between experts on the definition of gamification and on the main dynamics exi |... ⇲
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Giving the quality of Free Time to Work Time. The purpose of this study is to analyse, from a semiotic and phenomenological point of view, flat, non-hierarchical and bossless organizations, with a specific focus on relational dynamics. The article aims to break down the relationshi |... ⇲
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The aim of the paper is to analyze the state of the art, at the national level, on two important issues, such as: sustainability linked to the territory and the new professional profiles borne by the processes of urban regeneration. After an analysis on the evolution of the city, t |... ⇲
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Starting from the question of space accessibility, this paper shows the results of a multidisciplinary survey on Le Serre, the former municipal greenhouse of Giardini Margherita in Bologna. In the first part this case-study is contextualized and the methodological panorama – |... ⇲
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Deciding what kind of smart cities do we, as a society, want is not only a political question but also a matter of envisioning possible futures. The speculative narratives that designers produce to support their imagination are called "Design Fictions." We share SUBMERGED, a cross- |... ⇲

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