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Ocula 21 Vol. 20  |  December 2019  |  DOI: 10.12977/ocula2019-17  |  METADATA ➞ PDF  |  Booklet ➞ PDF |  < >

Geosemiotics: from locative media to diffused images, big and small data

Contributors to this Issue: Giorgio Avezzù, Giovanni Curtis, Enzo D'Armenio, Guido Ferraro, Marta Milia, Federico Montanari, Antonio Opromolla, Bruno Surace.
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The present issue of Ocula, edited by Federico Montanari, Nicola Dusi and Guido Ferraro, intends to investigate a new and yet topical issue, one which is in constant transformation: the vast field of locative media and their intertwining with data and their definition. The diverse  |... ⇲
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This contribution intends to analyze the relationship between the practice of geolocation, through mobile devices and social media, and the management of events having a particularly traumatic impact on a community. The study concerns the earthquake that struck central Italy on Aug |... ⇲
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In this paper we propose a semiotic approach for the study of digital media, taking into consideration the production of signs by audiovisual prostheses. By establishing a dialogue between the media theories and the more recent semiotic hypotheses, we propose to account for the dev |... ⇲
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The contribution starts from a review of the main studies of the semiotics of urban spaces in order to focus on how nowadays, new social processes and the introduction of modern information and communication technologies (ICT) transform the traditional categorisations between diffe |... ⇲
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Second Livestock is the pioneering invention of Austin Stewart, of Iowa State University. It is a viewer for hens, connected to an insulating cabin, which would introduce the latter into a decidedly better virtual world than the one in which they are forced on intensive farms. Of t |... ⇲
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This paper aims at offering a geocritical exploration of cinema starting from The Black Dahlia (Brian De Palma,2006) and retracing the tradition of the noir film genre, taking into consideration the peculiar relations between this genre and “real” spaces and geographies. The questi |... ⇲
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This article deals with the peculiarities of typical Instagram photographs (use of blurring, “filters” that decrease the chromatic range, and so on), in relation with the idea that these images should represent with immediacy the flow of life, as well as in relation with the use of |... ⇲

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