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One hundred and one years of Barthes (1915-2016)

In the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Roland Barthes (1915-1980), Ocula’s editorial board has decided to dedicate a special issue to the scholar who is recognized as the founder of a semiotic approach to popular and mass culture. We pay this homage by publishing five essays written by Marcel Danesi, Isabella Pezzini, Gianfranco Marrone, Emanuele Fadda and Stefano Traini, to whom we have asked an intellectual testimony on Barthes as a semiotician.
Contributors to this Issue: Cinzia Bianchi, Marcel Danesi, Emanuele Fadda, Gianfranco Marrone, Isabella Pezzini, Ruggero Ragonese, Stefano Traini.
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Our Introduction is rather particular. As particular and special as this monographic issue which we present here. It is composed of only five essays – and each has been written in response to an invitation. Also of particular note is the date: we are running a year late (1915-2015) |... ⇲
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This essay deals with the theme of autobiography (or, better still, of personal biography) through the comparison of two ‘autobiographies’, those of Roland Barthes and Jurij M. Lotman. The books reveal the different intellectual attitudes of these two twentieth century masters of  |... ⇲
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In the following essay Gianfranco Marrone presents two entries from a more comprehensive work on Barthes’ lexicon: Work/Text and Obvious/Obtuse. In the first entry Marrone follows the intellectual process that led to a conceptual revolution in semiotic and literary research when Ba |... ⇲
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This essay makes critical reference to Barthes’ Mythologies (1956), the text which has been recognised as fundamental to the semiological study of mass and popular culture. However, the essay also goes beyond paying due homage to this seminal work by moving beyond it to prov |... ⇲
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This essay analyzes briefly the relationship between Saussure and Barthes. Its first focus is on the more properly scientific points of contact, such as the relationship between language and semiotics, and those between language, institutions and sociability. This is followed by a  |... ⇲
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In 1972 Roland Barthes published a brief analysis of the text of Genesis 32, traditionally called Jacob Wrestles with the Angel. In that period, the first structural analysis tools were being tested and among them Barthes used also Greimas’ actantial model. The episode of Jacob’s  |... ⇲

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