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This article has been published in: Ocula 26, Matters of holiness: semiotic perspectives on Dante

author: Eleonora Chiais (Università di Torino, Dipartimento di studi umanistici)

Dante nel magistero e nella Chiesa novecentesca

language: italian

publication date: December 2022

abstract: The essay intends to focus on the character of Dante, proposed as the result of a process of textualization, reconstructing its alternating fortunes through the reading that of the character and of his work has been proposed, over the centuries, by different popes. The objective will be to reconstruct the path of construction of the "Dante text" by reading its different phases as stages of a process oriented toward the construction of a model that was at first secular and then more expressly Catholic and institutionalized. The object of the analysis, which will make use of the methodological tools of the semiotics of passions, will thus be the relationship that binds Dante to the ecclesiastical institution. Specifically, the relationship linking the Poet to the popes will be investigated, focusing expressly on the changes at the level of judgment expressed by different pontiffs.

keywords: dante, commedia, discorso religioso

OCULA-26-CHIAIS-Dante-nel-magistero-e-nella-chiesa-novecentesca.pdf ➞ PDF [395Kb]

DOI: 10.57576/ocula2022-11

citation information: Eleonora Chiais, Dante nel magistero e nella Chiesa novecentesca, "Ocula", vol.23, n.26, December 2022. DOI: 10.57576/ocula2022-11


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