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Special Issues | index

Ocula 24
Quando è design / When is design / Quand c'est du design

editors Michela Deni and Dario Mangano | October 2020

Michela Deni
The Design Culture, when is Design. Introduction

Alessandro Zinna
The consequences of “when”. An archaeology of design: from prehistoric times to the Anthropocene

Salvatore Zingale
Design or projectuality? The project as inventive transformation

Imma Forino
The government of the desk: Design as “dispositif”

Francesco Galofaro
Ethnosemiotics and Design. A Contribution to a Symptomatology of Design

Valeria Bucchetti
This is Communication Design

Daniele Barbieri
Thresholds and ideology of the project

Marine Royer
Social design. Components of a project on home support for the elderly and disabled people

Béatrice Gisclard
The contribution of social design to french natural risk management policies. Towards a territorialized social innovation

Yves Voglaire
When it's a designer

Dario Mangano


Ocula 23
Flowers of the soul: The symbolism of flowers in the religious imagination

editors Marco Papasidero and Francesco Galofaro | July 2020

Francesco Galofaro and Marco Papasidero
Foreword: flowers and religions: semiotic and historical remarks

Lorenzo Verderame
«I replace cereals!»: Origin and primacy of the palm in the cultures of ancient Mesopotamia

Ludovica Bertolini
«Let them erect my flower bed!»: Plant elements in the Paleo-Babylonian Sumerian literature

Ugo Volli
The Rose of Sharon: flowers and plants in the ancient Jewish tradition

Graziano Lingua
How the lilies of the field dress: transformations of the floral imaginery in the early Christian centuries

Ilaria Sabbatini
«Apple of Paradise»: the botanical descriptions in the pilgrimage diaries of the Florentine corpus between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries

Jenny Ponzo
The floral smell of sanctity and the semiotics of the halo

Massimo Leone
Cecidit flos: on the meaning of withered flowers

Francesco Galofaro
Rosa Mystica: the Morphogenesis of the Rose

Magdalena Maria Kubas
Maria and the flowers: lauda and litany in the thirteenth century

Gabriele Marino
The hagiographic floral prosopope: the case of the Marian litany of flowers

Anthony John Lappin
Giving and taking life: flower arranging in Howard Nemerov and Medb McGuckian


Ocula 22
Be cool. How a Cultural Icon is Born

editors Andrea Bernardelli and Eduardo Grillo | April 2020

Eduardo Grillo
Introduction. Cultural Icons with a Thousand Faces

Mauro Ferraresi
Icon Stories. From Icon to Cultural Icon

Eduardo Grillo
Texts Torn Apart. Media Cult as Ars Excerpendi

Federica Turco
From Iconic Celebrities to Iconic Speeches. Tricks and Treats About Imaginary on Feminism

Giuseppe Balirano
Of Rainbow Unicorns. The Role of Bonding Queer Icons in Contemporary LGBTIQ+ Re-Positionings

Mario Panico
Repetition, Recognition, Remediation Or Benito Mussolini after Benito Mussolini

Flavia Cavaliere
BECOMING MICHELLE, a Contemporary Cultural Icon. Decoding the Different Ways Leading from the South Side of Chicago to the White House

Marco Mazzoni and Roberto Mincigrucci
The (Ordinary) Superleader. Matteo Salvini and his Body

Alessandro Iannucci
Achilles and Ulysses. A Comparison Between Two Heroic Icons

Marilena Parlati
Serial Crime, Serious Threats? Replicating the ‘Yellow Peril’ in British Popular Crime Fiction

Vincenzo Maggitti
Frankenstein or the Disturbing Migration of a Twentieth Century Icon

Paolo Bertetti
The Invisible Icon. Big Brother from Fictional Icon to Cultural Icon

Andrea Bellavita
Character, Myth, Icon. A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Penny Dreadfu

Andrea Bernardelli
Cult Tv Series, or Tv Series’ Cult. Series Protagonists as Cult Icons in the Era of Complex Tv

Nicolò Villani
Investigating the Identity of the Serial Character. Towards a Semiotic of Identity in Seriality

Antonella Mascio
Between Fiction and Reality. The Handmaid’s Tale Uniform as a Cultural Icon

Lucia Corrain and Ottavia Mosca
David superstar. Guan Xiao and the Art Icons

Ilaria Ventura Bordenca
Can Packaging be a Cultural Icon? Processes of Meaning and Intertextual Mechanisms

Anna Riboldi and Salvatore Zingale
Persistent Objects. The a Posteriori Likeness in Design Icons

Flux_Essays | index


editor Federico Montanari
Epide(se)miologie e contagi. Dialogo con Paolo Fabbri
April 2020

contrAppunti | index

Frammenti di un disco incantato
Review of book, October 2020


Flux_College | index

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