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Special Issues | index

Ocula 21
Geosemiotics: from locative media to diffused images, big and small data

editors Federico Montanari, Nicola Dusi and Guido Ferraro | December 2019

Federico Montanari

Marta Milia
Mapping the destruction. Locative Media and the narration of the earthquake in Amatrice

Enzo D'Armenio
From senses to data. Audiovisual prostheses between perception and enunciation

Giovanni Curtis and Antonio Opromolla
Hybrid urban spaces. From the introduction of digital technology to new social processes in the city

Bruno Surace
Visors and chickens in the Web of Beings. Second Livestock between goliards, semiotics and philosophy

Giorgio Avezzù
Homotopic interference and locational noir imaging. A geocritical reflection on disturbing spaces in cinema starting from Black Dahlia

Guido Ferraro
Locations and their meaning. How the sense of place is constructed and decostructed in Instagram photos


Ocula 20
The Place of the User in Design

editors Michela Deni and Marie-Julie Catoir-Brisson | October 2019

Michela Deni and Marie-Julie Catoir-Brisson

Jacques Lolive
Social design test. How to democratize risk management policies in Sao Paulo?

Manel Djemel, Machelle Ye, Rabah Bousbaci and Gonzalo Lizarralde
The project’s temporality facing the ethical dilemmas of citizen participation

Randolf Ramseyer, Emmanuel Fragnière, Benjamin Nanchen, Florian Evéquoz and Grace Eden
Taking better account of the user in the design of public transport. Case study on autonomous shuttles in Sion

Claire Azéma, Christian Malaurie and Pierre Bourdareau
Building and thinking the habitability of a common. Reflections onthe notion of useness in the desing project

Françoise Armand and Pierre-Michel Riccio
Is there (really) a user? The roles of contributor, user, customer, collaborator on digital platforms for scientific publications

Rihab Zaidi
Power’s relationships as the basis of the user’s integration strategies in the design process

Françoise Paquienséguy
Uses, from appropriation to design

Inès Garmon
Tinder: a user-centered design? The user’s position within the swipe design

Philippe Barrier
Médical care: origin and destination

Carine Delanoë-Vieux, Marie Coirié, Justine Coubard-Millot and Xavier Figuerola
Designing a patient’s journey, a key tool on the way to building a global hospitality experience within a new hospital building

Elvire Bornand and Jacky Foucher
Making uses and users visible during a public policy design process. Feedback from work practices

Flux_Essays | index


Luca Marconi

editor Francesco Galofaro
Ricordando Luca Marconi
September 2019

contrAppunti | index


Troppo lontani, troppo vicini
Review of book, May 2019


La scienza doppia del linguaggio
Review of book, February 2019


Cose. Per una filosofia del reale
Review of book, February 2019

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