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Special Issues | index

Ocula 19
Gamification paths. Research and ludic discourse for the community

editors Gaspare Caliri, Paola Donatiello and Salvatore Miele | October 2018

Gaspare Caliri, Paola Donatiello and Salvatore Miele
Introduction.Gamification paths: the research and the ludic discourse for the community

Paola Donatiello, Pierdomenico Memeo and Salvatore Miele
Gamification processes and exercises in complexity. A conversation

Loretta Secchi
Touching with eyes and seeing by hands. The cognitive functions of the aesthetical education

Vincenzo Idone Cassone
Beyond entertainment. Cultural developments at the root of the gamification

Gaspare Caliri
A game we don’t stop moving. Relational and ludic between work and free time, from Kilowatt’s experience, in Bologna

Irene Litardi
Urban regeneration. The role of the culture and new work profiles

Martina Belluto, Paola Donatiello and Salvatore Miele
Sense and sound of Greenhouse. A study on the accessibility of a space in Bologna’s municipality

Genèviéve Korte and Gabriele Ferri
Research Through Game Design. Interactive Stories from a Submerged Amsterdam

Flux_Essays | index


Tomás Maldonado nel 2008 (foto Carlo Orsi)

editor Salvatore Zingale
In ricordo di Tomás Maldonado
November 2018

Massimo Bonfantini al Club Psòmega (Casa della cultura di Milano)

editor Salvatore Zingale
In ricordo di Massimo Bonfantini
February 2018

Flux_College | index

Emilio Patuzzo
Iconicità e analogia nei diagrammi | May 2018

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