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Special Issues | index

Ocula 18
Street Art: Iconoclasm and Istitutionalization

editors Cinzia Bianchi and Silvia Viti | September 2017

Cinzia Bianchi and Silvia Viti
Introduction. Street Art: Iconoclasm and Institutionalization

Michele Martini
Tragedy of a Street Artist. The Practice of Erasure from Artistic Euthanasia to Articide

Francesco Mazzucchelli
Street(icono)clashes. Blu vs. Genus Bononiae: a Case of Urban Iconoclasm

Mario Panico
Explosions of icons. Street Art and Performative Iconoclasm on the Socialist Monuments of Eastern Europe

Marco Mondino
Visual Collections in Urban Spaces: the Sites of Street Art in Paris

Julien Thiburce
Pay your Museum! Street Art and Cultural (re)Mediation in Urban Space

Cristina Greco
Embryonic Lines. Mapping Urban Art, Documenting the Absence via Web Archives and Locative Media

Damiano Razzoli
Digitalization of Street Art. Guidelines for an Analysis of the Reggiane Urban Gallery Virtual Museum

Silvia Viti and Christian Omodeo
Street Art Heritage. Which Musealisation? An interview with Christian Omodeo by Silvia Viti

Flux_Essays | index

Eduardo Grillo
The Utopia of Communication: cybernetics and informal art | November 2017 | METADATA

Andrea Bernardelli
Realism and Melodrama in Gomorrah | November 2017 | METADATA

Cinzia Bianchi
Advertising and Memory: a Work in Progress | November 2017 | METADATA


editor Federico Montanari
Interview with Eric Landowski: Sociosemiotics
May 2017

contrAppunti | index

La semiotica di Charles Peirce
Review of book, December 2017



The semiotics of Emoji
Review of book, August 2017


Philosophical perspectives on fashion
Review of book, August 2017


Umberto Eco e il PCI
Review of book, June 2017


Immagini coinvolte
Review of book, May 2017


Sulla Costa Smeralda
Review of book, April 2017


Narrare al tempo della globalizzazione
Review of book, January 2017


Pornocultura: viaggio in fondo alla carne
Review of book, January 2017

Flux_College | index

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